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Skylight Calendar is the perfect solution for families with busy schedules! It has a 10'' color touch screen that displays your family's schedule with clarity. It is the perfect size for a desk, kitchen counter or to be hung on a wall.  

Skylight Calendar is a touch-screen, Wi-Fi connected digital calendar that lets every member of your family synchronize their events in one place. It will automatically display your family's events, to-do's and grocery list, so you never miss a thing!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you don't love your Skylight Calendar, we'll offer you a full refund.

-Screen size: 10'' Diagonal
-Resolution: 1024x600px
-Dimensions: 10.7'' x 7.4'' x 0.9''
-Storage space on device: 8GB 
-Peace-of-mind guarantee: 30-day refund or replacement

*International users: Outlet adapter not included. Skylight Calendar comes with a US-style plug by default.

How it works

How do I get my events onto my Skylight Calendar?
Add Skylight Calendar as an invitee to any event or sync your entire calendars and the events will magically show up on your device. If you choose to sync an entire calendar, which we recommend, any changes made to events will automatically reflect on your Skylight Calendar. Currently, you can sync Google, Apple, Outlook, Yahoo, Cozi, and Readdle 5 calendars.

How do I sync my Google / Outlook Calendars?
Using our mobile or web apps, sign into your Google or Outlook accounts and select the calendars you want to display on your Skylight Calendar. You can also select any calendars that have been shared with you. The events will arrive on your device shortly.

How do I sync my Apple /Yahoo / Cozi / Readdle 5 Calendars?
Send the calendar’s public URL to your Skylight Calendar’s unique email address. Visit our mobile or web app for step-by-step guides on how to sync each type of calendar.

Does Skylight Calendar run on battery power?
No. Skylight Calendar needs to be plugged in to an electrical outlet to work.

What other features does Skylight Cal have?
Add your Skylight Calendar’s unique email address as an attendee to any event, or sync your entire calendar and as many others as you want with your Skylight Calendar.

What calendars can I sync with Skylight?
Skylight Calendar currently supports syncing with Google, Apple, Outlook, Yahoo, Cozi, and Readdle Calendars, as well as any calendar with a public sharing link. You can sync calendars using our mobile app or online Skylight Cloud (i.e.

What other features does Skylight Cal have?
Skylight Calendar’s touchscreen allows you to interact with your calendar and your events directly on the device. Toggle between the Day / Week / Month views, add and delete events, and change event color coding. On-screen, there is a grocery list feature which you can edit and view anytime, as well as in the mobile app.

From the app, you can also create and manage meal plans, chores, and to-dos which will automatically appear on your Skylight Calendar.