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Skylight Calendar User Guide

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  1. Setting Up Skylight
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  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Security 
  6. Skylight Calendar Sync 


How do I activate my Skylight?

Connect the power adapter to Skylight (it plugs into the small hole on the back that says DCIN) and plug it into an outlet. In about 30 seconds, the Skylight home screen (with a photo of a mountain) will appear.

How do I connect my Skylight to WiFi?

If the frame is plugged in, the WiFi menu will automatically show up on the Skylight home screen. Choose your network from the list of WiFi networks that appears on the right side of the screen. Skylight will confirm when it has connected to the WiFi.

* If the name of your network does not appear, wait for 30 seconds and check again. If it still does not appear, tap “Forget All Networks And Rescan” at the bottom of the WiFi menu.

* If your WiFi requires a password, type in the password using the on-screen keyboard. Make sure to check that it’s typed correctly!

How do I get my Skylight email address and 6-digit code?

Once you connect to WiFi, Skylight will ask for your 6-digit code. To retrieve it:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your personal Skylight email address. Every Skylight email has the format (e.g.,
  3. Our system will give you a 6-digit code to tap into your Skylight device. This will activate the Skylight email address you chose for it.


    How do I send events to Skylight?

    You can send events to Skylight by adding the Skylight's personal email address as a guest to your event. You need to:

    1. Open a calendar application like Gmail or Outlook
    2. Create or open an event
    3. Add your Skylight's email address as a guest to your event
    4. Save the event. It will appear on the screen in less than 60 seconds!

    You can also sync your whole calendar automatically with Skylight Calendar Sync.


    Can others send events to Skylight?

    Everyone who you share your unique Skylight email address with can send events to your Skylight by following the steps in the question above.


    What other features does Skylight have?

    Touchscreen display:

    Color coding:

    Grocery list:

    Can I put my Skylight to sleep or turn the screen off without unplugging it?

    To put your Skylight to sleep at night, press the power button (the round button at the top if you look at the back of Skylight) and wait 2 seconds for the screen to power down. Press the same button to turn the screen back on.

    What are the USB port, SD card slot, headset jack and menu button at the back of the frame for? 

    These ports and button are not yet functional.

    Do you have a gift option in your orders? Can we add a gift message to our order?

    This option is not available yet.

    Does the Skylight Frame have a battery?

    Skylight does not have a battery. It will only work if it is plugged in.


    Some events are not arriving to my Skylight. What do I do?

    To troubleshoot your Skylight:

    1. Confirm you’re sending to the correct Skylight email address.
    2. Confirm that you’re sending to Sometimes people accidentally send to or, which are not correct.
    3. Try sending photos from a different email account or device.
    4. Try resetting your frame (by unplugging and replugging it), as well as resetting your WiFi router.
    5. Try moving your Skylight closer to your WiFi router, as your signal may be a bit weak for Skylight to detect.
    6. If the above does not work, reach out to for support.

    What to do if Skylight is not connecting to the WiFi?

    Skylight works seamlessly for almost all WiFi environments but occasionally does run into trouble. One easy solution, if you have a different WiFi network, is to try connecting to that. Or you could try connecting to a WiFi hotspot -- if Skylight works then, that means it’s likely an issue with your other WiFi network. Some other suggestions for WiFi issues:

    1. Try restarting your WiFi router.
    2. Next, unplug and plug your Skylight back in.
    3. If your Skylight is far from your WiFi router, try moving it a bit closer, e.g. within 15 feet.
    4. Try connecting to your network now. If it doesn't work, try a couple more times over 5 minutes.
    5. If the above solutions don’t work, reach out to for support.

    The screen is not turning on. What do I do? 

    If you have another device which uses the same power adapter as the frame, please try to use the other adapter and see if it works. This will help us determine if the problem is with the power adapter or the frame itself. If this does not work, please contact us at


    Is my Skylight email secure?

    You control who has your Skylight email address, so only give it to people who you want to send events to your Skylight. 


    Skylight Calendar Sync allows you to sync your Skylight Calendar with your existing online calendars including Google, Apple, Cozi, Outlook, and Yahoo. After syncing, events will show up and update automatically! You and other family members can still add additional events via email.

    Visit to activate your account and sync your calendars. 

    Check out our full User Guide for more information on Sync.



    If you have any other questions, email our Customer Support team at