Skylight Calendar

Skylight Calendar is a touchscreen device that displays your family's important events.

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Keep your family's schedule in sync

The perfect solution for busy families

It's easy to forget who is taking the kids to soccer practice or when the next doctor's appointment is. Skylight easily connects to your family's online calendars and displays everyone's events right in your home, so they never miss a thing.

Spend less time coordinating and more time doing!
The perfect solution for busy families
Effortlessly add events

Effortlessly add events

We get it -- paper calendars are outdated. And online calendars are great, but who has time to check them?

We've built the perfect solution:
1. Family members can add Skylight to any of their calendar events (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc).
2. Easily see your family's events, color-coded by person.
3. There's even a grocery list you can add to as you walk by.

Use the mobile app to view your family's events on the go

Keep the whole family organized. On the app, everyone can view their scheduled events, add to the grocery list, and take responsibility for where they need to be.

You can add or edit events, check the grocery list, and manage your Skylight Calendar display from the app.
Use the mobile app to view your family's events on the go


1 minute set up

Just plug in Skylight Calendar, and tap the screen to log into your wi-fi.

Add events to
Skylight in seconds

Sync multiple calendars or add events using the mobile app.

Day, week
& month view

You can swipe to future weeks, bring up just today's events, or see the full month -- all with a tap!

Color-code by
family member

Know what each family member is up to with our color-coding feature.

Add to the
grocery list

Add items to the grocery list as you walk by and access it easily on our mobile app.

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Families Rave About Skylight Calendar

"Between our kids' ballet class, choir practice and random events that come up every week, I'm always running around and worried about forgetting something. Having Skylight in my home has been a godsend. My husband and I use it to coordinate each morning... Before, he didn't even know the kids' schedules!"

– Sarah H.

"I got Skylight as a gift from my mom, who says I need to be more organized. I was skeptical at first, but now I love it! It's so easy to use and the whole family can add to it. My kids love that they can add to the grocery list! "

– Andrea J.

"Thanks for helping me stay on top of family events! Oh, and I LOVE the color-coding feature! I have three kids, and being able to tell their schedules apart keeps me sane!

– Jake S.

"Thanks for another amazing product! We use Skylight Frame to share family photos, and recently added Skylight Calendar too. We used to have to print out the baby's schedule for the nanny every morning, but now she just glances at Skylight when she arrives. "

– Emily K.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of return policy do you provide?
Enjoy peace of mind with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't love your Skylight Calendar, we will offer you a full refund.

Do you need an Internet connection to use Skylight Calendar?
Yes, Skylight needs a WiFi connection at all times to operate and allow the user to interact with the photos.

Does Skylight Calendar run on battery power?
No. Skylight Calendar needs to be plugged in to an electrical outlet to work.

How do I get help or support?
Please email us at